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“Your Image is Crucial to Your Business”

Headshots aren’t just for people with big budgets and major marketing campaigns anymore! Everyone in business can benefit from a great headshot. Whether it’s for your next website re-design or to add your a smiling face to your email signature, the right image is crucial to your business. For that you need a good headshot photographer.

At Headshots by Mark O’Connell we specialize in creating headshots and commercial branding images for everyone from realtors, attorneys and advisors to designers and small business owners. Whether you need us to match the company standard photos or to make something unique just for you, we have what it takes.

Got a big team or a small, busy office? We have complete mobile studio set ups that can come to your office or corporation and handle any number of employees.

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“It’s all in the details”

Your headshot shows up everywhere – from your profile to your résumé. It’s not just a photo – it’s the face you show to the world and the personal brand people will know you for.

There seems to be so called “photographers” under every rock nowadays, and some may be able to take a technically good image. But when you team up with a professional headshot photographer you will be making a wise investment to further distinguish your personal brand from other peers who think a “selfie” is “good enough”

Let’s collaborate…

As your headshot photographer, I have the talent for bringing out your best to get a shot that opens doors, creates opportunities and impresses even your toughest audience. Working together we can make your image stand out above the crowd in your marketplace.

Rates & Booking
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell

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Our business hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 5:00pm

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Got more questions? You might find your answer on our Frequently Asked Questions Page

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Headshots by Mark O’Connell

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Give us a call at: 781.826.8189

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Our business hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 5:00pm

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You might find your answer on our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Get Directions

Questions we get alot!

Absolutely! Most of the headshots we do are for professionals who need a professional headshot for their business marketing, website, linkedin profile, etc. We like to find out the line of work you’re in and what your needs are for the photo. This way we can create the best look that represent you, your industry, and your personality. Check out our rates for an individual session in the studio, or find more info here on staff and group headshots for your company.

Yes! The look of a headshot for an entertainer is going to be different from a corporate portrait/business headshot. Just tell us in advance what you need the headshot for so we can best design a photo look for you.

(Even if You Hate Getting Your Picture Taken)

Let’s be honest: getting your photo taken can be pretty awkward.

Maybe you’ve been forced to cram into a stuffy studio and nervously bend yourself into impossible poses while a total stranger keeps insisting that you “smile!”

That’s enough to make anyone cringe at the thought of being in front of the camera.

Good news: That’s not how I work at all.

I know how easy it is to get nervous, freeze up or let insecurities get in the way of capturing the real you.

You don’t need to be a model to get an incredible headshot – you just need someone to show you what works!

And that’s what I do.

My job is to create the kind of warm, welcoming environment it takes to capture those genuine emotions.

It’s an experience unlike any other photography session you might’ve had before – and I promise you’ll leave feeling positive about what we’ve accomplished.

Bold or playful, witty or wise – I specialize in bringing your positive traits to the surface in a way the world will notice.

What I do differently:

  • Before we snap a single shot, I spend a little time getting to know you, your personality, your passions and the way you want to be seen by the world.

  • As I shoot your session, we review your images as we go so you can share what you like, see what’s working and work together to fix what’s not.

  • Some photos will be great, others will be… yikes! Don’t worry – it’s all part of the process.

  • We keep the good shots and toss the bad ones, so you know what you’re getting, and keep working until we’ve got the shot we’re after.

  • I coach you through the session with helpful tips, creative ideas and easy techniques, showing you exactly what to do to get a headshot that makes you look approachable, likable and professional.You’ll be surprised at the huge difference a few little changes and an ounce of confidence will make!

  • I will never, EVER tell you to “Say Cheese”. I don’t patronize – we’ll talk, laugh and create together in a way that’s natural, easy and (surprisingly) fun.

First, contact the Studio to book a day and time for your session and ask any specific questions you might have. Then when you arrive to your appointment, bring some clothing to choose from for the session and we’ll go over clothing options and choose something together. We’ll take the photos, coaching you into the best smiles and poses possible, make sure we’ve got enough photos to choose from. If you are getting a personal online gallery, in 24-48 hours we’ll email you a link where you can view all of the photos taken and choose the ones you want to keep. The photos you choose to purchase will be sent as high-resolution .jpgs in both color and black and white, via email.

1. Handshakes & Hellos

When you arrive, I’ll shake your hand, then we’ll start going through your wardrobe options. I’ll ask you to bring 5 – 10 different looks (usually just tops for headshots) so we can have a variety to choose from.

2. Hair & Makeup (Optional)

For those ladies who want their makeup done professionally, plan on going to your makeup artist 60-90 minutes before your session time to have your artist do their thing.

We don’t typically recommend makeup service for the fellas, but do offer it as an option if you’re concerned about problem skin or glare. Regardless, we’ll make sure you’re camera-ready!

3. Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Once you’re feeling comfortable and settled in, we start snapping photos.

I’ll encourage you to experiment with different looks, emotions and angles, on the hunt for the perfect shot. You don’t even have to think about it!

As we go through your session, we’ll stop periodically to review the shots we’ve taken on a big screen. You can see what’s working and change what isn’t. I’ll need you to speak up and tell me what you’re loving and hating – so don’t pull any punches. I can take it, and this is all about you.

4. The Edit

When we’re all finished with your session, we’ll review the images that have made it to our final cuts, select the ones we love, discard the ones we don’t and send all the keepers into an optional online proofing gallery (included on many of our sessions, optional on others).

You’re emailed the link and password to the optional proofing gallery before leaving the studio so that you can take a closer look, share, get some feedback and choose your favorites for retouching.

5. Retouching

After you’ve had some time to review on your own, you can choose your favorite images for retouching and printing via your optional online proofing gallery.

6. Delivery

The digital copies of your retouched images will be delivered to you via digital download.

The majority of our sessions take place in our studio located at:

21 Kallio Path in Pembroke, MA. 02359 ~ Tel: 781.826.8189

If your needs require something different, we are available to go on location for a small fee.

Our rates and session options for an in-studio session are here, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us and we’ll quote you a price. For staff and group headshots with several people, see more info here.

Since we keep taking photos until we’re both happy with the results, it can depend on how quickly that happens: for some people it’s 10 minutes, for others 30 minutes of actual shooting. Give yourself about an hour for a one-look session so we’ll have enough time to chat, choose clothing and backdrops, and take the photos, though we may finish early. If you’re adding a makeup artist or additional looks block out about 2 hours in your schedule.

Both! We mostly use studio light and backdrops for better control, but do have some natural light options in and around the space if you prefer. We’ll talk together at the session about the best look for the photo and what would work better for you. If you need the photo taken in a specific location (a realtor might want their photo taken at a listing, or an architect with their office/drafting table in the background, for example), then check out our rates page for pricing on traveling.

Yes and yes! You will be coached into several different poses and smiles from several different angles to make sure we’ve got some great photos and lots of different options. You’ll never be dropped in front of the camera and expected to “perform.” You will be given LOTS of helpful direction.

For most headshot sessions our turnaround time is three business days to get your optional gallery of images. Once you make your retouching selections it is typically another two to three business days before your final, edited images are delivered to you. If you have a deadline and need something even faster, be sure to let us know when you book.

Straight out of the camera your images will be pretty much ready to go as far as color balance and density. We use the right lighting and posing techniques to make you look your best. Before we deliver the images to you we sort through and ditch any of the blinky or blurry ones, color-correct and crop them.

Our retouching is done to look natural. If any civilian out there can tell you had your photo retouched, then it’s too much. Retouching a headshot should be done in a way that looks like you’re just naturally photogenic. When we retouch headshots, we first correct anything that’s temporary, such as redness, blemishes, stray hairs, etc. Then we’ll minimize anything that’s distracting in a photo but most people don’t notice in person: such as undereye circles and lines, whitening teeth, etc. You have control over the amount of retouching, so when you get your retouched photos and you want to make changes, we’ll make changes!

Getting a facial several days to a week before the shoot can ensure that your skin will look its best. It is important for you to look natural, and too much retouching can make you look fake.

Your Files – Share and Print Anywhere
After you’ve selected your final image(s), they’ll be retouched and you will receive high-resolution digital files and limited general licensing for the images.  This means you can use them for printing, posting online and sharing with family and friends – anytime. Exceptions such as placement on products for sale and/or books applies and may incur additional fees so let us know if you need more information about it.

Our full time portrait studio is located in a beautiful residential spot in Pembroke nestled on over three acres of woodlands, surrounded by a nature preserve. Only one mile from Pembroke center, off of route 36 coming from the North or route 27 coming from the South.  The space is large, open, and with lots of light and comforts like comfy seating and a full bathroom. There is plenty of off street parking.

We do have printing available if needed. You can order individual prints of your photos through your online gallery after the session, or if you need entertainer prints as 8×10’s with your name on them or zed/comp cards, we can create the file and some options for printing depending on the quantity you need.

Got a Question? Give us a call at 781.826.8189 or email us at info@headshotsma.com

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